• How To Fix Common Canon Printer Issues?

    There are various Canon printer issues like paper jam, unclear printing, network issues, outdated printer driver, slow printer issue etc. To fix the issue, the user should read the below method to fix common Canon Printer Issues. For details, hit on canon.com/ijsetup.

    Method To Fix Common Canon Printer Issues:

    1. Check Power, USB Cable and Paper Tray:

    The user should check the power cable is not defective and properly plugged into the power source. Then, check the USB cable and make sure it is linked to the printer and computer. After checking, you should take out the paper tray from the printer and just check there is no piece of paper stuck in that tray.

    2. Uninstall and Reinstall Latest Printer Driver:

    Sometimes, your printer driver is not working properly because of outdated version. Hence, you should uninstall it from your system. For this, you should tap on the Start icon. Now, go to Control Panel and tap on Programs and then choose Programs and Features. At this point, choose your printer driver from the list of software and then tap on Uninstall option.

    After uninstalling, you should reinstall the program. For this, you should visit to canon.com/ijsetup. Now, choose the “Setup” tab which is present at the right side of the homepage. Here in the “Select Product Name” window, you should search for your Canon printer. Then, you should choose between Windows and Mac operating systems and then just under drivers section, tap on download option. At last, double-tap on the downloaded files and just read installation terms and tap on Install button.

    3. If Printer Stops Printing, then Clear Stuck Print Job in Queue:

    For Mac Device:

    First, tap on the Apple Menu which is there in the top-left side of the screen. After this, you should choose System Preferences. Here, you should choose Printers. Now, just select the printer which you are using and tap on “Open Print Queue” button. At last, to remove print jobs in the queue, you need to choose the document and tap on Cancel button.

    For Windows Device:

    You should tap on Windows key and then choose Settings icon. Now, select Devices. Then, you should choose Printers and Scanners option. Here, you need to choose the active printer. Now, you will view all the documents are listed on your screen. At last, tap on Cancel All Documents tab to clear the print job.

    4. Faded Printing:

    If the user views the horizontal lines and spots in the printout, then just clear the dried ink from the cartridge. After this, you should clean the electrical contacts of the cartridge by using wet cloth. Then, clean the print head and make it dust-free. In case, you find the ink level is low, then just change the ink cartridges. At last, you should install the cartridges properly.

    5. Fix Slow Printer Issue:

    Sometimes, the printer works slowly if you print a high-quality document. To fix this issue, you should reduce the print quality. For this, in the printing application, you should choose File and then hit to print option to open the print dialog box. Now, choose your printer and then tap on Preferences. At this point, you will view the Print Quality section, then choose High, Standard, Fast, or Custom print quality. If you reduce the print quality, then it will increase the speed of your printer and also save your ink and toner.

    Through this process, you can fix Common Cannon Printer issue. But if customer requires help, then go to canon.com/ijsetup

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